Foster Holistic Harmony Through Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

What is reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a contemporary take on traditional Pilates, using a state-of-the-art reformer bed, it seamlessly blends resistance, strength, flexibility, and balance movements.

At Wildsoul Wellness, our Pilates classes work to create and empower the mind-body connection. Weaving the timeless principles of Pilates into our sessions, the movements created will leave you feeling strong, connected and calm.

Reformer Classes

Reformer class styles to suit your needs

Our classes are creatively curated, offering a combination of movements working to progress both your mental and physical health and welling. Through motion and breath, each session will guide you towards your goals. As everyone has different wants and needs, we offer an array of classes that would suit you.


Designed to go through the basics of reformer, great for building confidence and strength in movement. improving on their foundation reformer techniques.

Perfect for:

  • Building Confidence
  • Injuries
  • Reformer Techniques


A fusion style Pilates class, featuring dynamic movements flowing from one to the next. Designed to holistically work the body, layering each move to challenge the body.

Perfect for:

  • All levels
  • Body Reset
  • Re-lengthen


Full body strength program, structured to build muscle through functional exercise movements. Great for those with a strong Reformer foundation.

Perfect for:

  • A whole-body workout
  • Increasing strength.
  • Building lean muscle


A dynamic reformer class that incorporates hard-hitting, high-energy workout amongst exercises that challenge your strength and endurance.

Perfect for:

  • Challenging yourself
  • Heart pumping
  • Toning muscle


Express 35-minute Reformer class that is designed to get your whole body feeling energised and pushed in a quick 35 minutes.

Perfect for:

  • Busy schedules
  • Lunchtime reprieve
  • Increasing energy


It’s Pilates – but only for the bros! It stretches out those tight and sore muscles, increases flexibility and switches on those core stabilizers to assist in our everyday movements.

Perfect for:

  • Tight muscles
  • Training with mates
  • Stretching

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Reformer Pilates Studio

Our Studio in Melbourne

Our Reformer Pilates studio, nestled in the heart of Mordialloc, Melbourne, offers a serene sanctuary, away from life’s bustling rhythm. Our reformer Pilates room is like no other, it encompasses an array of mood lighting, cated to every class style.

Step inside and feel the embrace of our calming ambiance, replete with state-of-the-art facilities designed to enhance your practice. Here, every detail, from the muted lighting to the soothing sounds, is curated to provide the perfect environment for Hot Pilates.

Pilates Instructors

Meet the Team

With vast expertise and a compassionate touch, our reformer Pilates instructors are the heart and soul of Wildsoul Wellness. They’re here to support, guide, and inspire you at every bend and stretch.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates


Reformer Pilates enriches the traditional experience, using the unique apparatus to amplify both challenges and rewards. Here’s how it uniquely nurtures your body and soul:

Enhanced Core Strength

The Reformer's resistance challenges the core more deeply, fortifying stability and improving posture.

Dynamic Flexibility

The sliding carriage encourages a broader range of motion, granting you greater flexibility and freedom in movements.

Balanced Body

With its adjustable springs, the Reformer promotes even muscle development, ensuring no muscle group is over or under-trained.

Mindful Awareness

The apparatus demands heightened precision, fostering a deeper connection between mind and body.

Injury Recovery

The Reformer's adaptability provides a controlled environment, aiding in targeted rehabilitation.

Sustained Stamina

The combination of strength and cardio exercises on the Reformer boosts endurance, revitalising energy levels.

Our Approach

Embracing Wholeness,The Wildsoul Way

At Wildsoul Wellness, we view wellness as a harmonious dance of mind, body, and spirit. Our sessions are sanctuaries, fostering deep connections, reflection, and holistic nurturing.

Holistic Harmony

Nurturing the mind, body, and spirit in unison.

Personal Touch

Tailoring practices to resonate with individual needs.

Community Spirit

Building bonds within our cherished wellness community.


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Hear firsthand from those who’ve found strength, solace, and self through our Reformer Pilates sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Opt for form-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. Pilates socks that have a grippy base. For more info, check out our page on “how to prepare for your first session.

Reformer intensifies resistance with its apparatus, offering varied exercises compared to mat-based Pilates.

Absolutely! Sessions can be adapted for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

We offer a spectrum of wellness modalities, including:

Ideally, attending 2-3 sessions per week, complemented by a balanced lifestyle, yields optimal results.

Always consult with your doctor first. We’ll assist and modify sessions as needed.