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Hot & Cold Water Therapy

We use Science-backed Recovery Techniques

Delve into the science backed world of hot and cold immersion therapies. Wildsoul Wellness presents a unique flow, combining a traditional steam sauna, cold and hot water plunges. Discover how alternating between soothing warmth and invigorating cold can leave your feeling relaxed or energised for your day.

A young women immersing herself in hot water during a contrast therapy session in Mordialloc, Melbourne.

Finish Hot

Ideal for relaxation and unwinding – perfect at day’s end.

  • Soothes and relaxes muscles.
  • Enhances blood circulation.
  • Aids in detoxification.
A smiling happy woman enjoying the coldness of a hot and cold water immersion therapy in Wildsoul Wellness in Mordialloc, Melbourne.

Finish Cold

Best for an invigorating start, boosting alertness and vitality.

  • Reduces muscle inflammation and soreness.
  • Bolsters immune system efficiency.
  • Heightens mental alertness.

How it Feels

Embrace a NewSense of Wellbeing

Immerse yourself in an environment that nurtures both mind and body. Our contrast therapy invites you to experience an elevated sense of wellbeing, harmonising your internal balance.

Feel the transformation as you alternate between our hot and cold therapies. Each session is a step towards a more focused, invigorated, and resilient self, underpinned by a deep sense of empowerment and calm.


Harnessing theScience of Recovery

Discover the transformative power of contrast therapy, our program is designed to enhance your overall wellbeing through a range of targeted benefits.

Reduced Inflammation

Minimise pain and inflammation, promoting faster healing.


Assist your body in flushing out toxins, enhancing overall health.

Focus & Drive

The contrast of hot and cold boosts your mental clarity and motivation.

Cellular Health

Encourage healthy cellular function for long-term wellbeing.


Accelerate muscle and tissue recovery, especially after physical exertion.

Positive Mindset

With better health, you’ll develop a more positive, optimistic outlook on life.

Intro Offer

Get 5 sessionsfor only $99

Choose from our range of recovery modalities for your introductory sessions. Select the best fit for your wellness journey:

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Contrast Therapies
  • Compressions Therapy
  • Percussion & Vibration
  • Infrared Light Therapy
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Contrast Therapy Education

Guiding Clients toOptimal Recovery

At Wildsoul Wellness, we believe in educating our clients about the benefits and practices of contrast therapy. Our experienced and expert coaches are here to guide you through each session, ensuring you gain the most from your experience.

Learn how to effectively integrate contrast therapy into your wellness routine. Our team provides personalised support, and if you wish, be there to guide you through your breath. Bringing awareness back to your mind and body in the NOW, focusing on breathwork to enhance your session goals.

Our Head of Wellness

Sam Crawford

Hi, I’m Sam Crawford, your guide to Recovery & Wellness at Wildsoul. My fascination with the human body and breath has led me to a particular passion: Contrast Therapy. Here at Wildsoul, we use the contrasting heat and cold to elevate your energy and deepen your self-connection. I’m excited to share with you the transformative benefits of this therapy and support your wellness journey.


Contrast Therapy Packs

Offer a range of packages, from combination therapies to customisable plans, guided by our professional team. Whether you seek relaxation, recovery, or resilience, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. See how to book here.

5 Pack


5 x visits to your choice of any recovery modality or class.
Expires 5 weeks from purchase

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10 Pack


10 x visits to your choice of any recovery modality or class.
Expires 10 weeks from purchase

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20 Pack


20 x visits to your choice of any recovery modality or class.
Expires 20 weeks from purchase

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50 Pack


50 x visits to your choice of any recovery modality or class.
Expires 50 weeks from purchase

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Exclusive Wellness Memberships

Become a part of our wellness community with a membership. Enjoy regular access to our full range of therapies and exclusive member benefits. Join us in a commitment to sustained wellbeing.

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3 x Recovery Modalities


per week

3 x recovery modalities per week.

Foundation All Access


per week

Unlimited recovery access

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Infrared Sauna

For deep relaxation and detoxification.

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Compression Therapy

Enhance circulation and muscle recovery.

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Vibration & Percussion

Improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension.

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Red Light Therapy

Promote skin health and cellular repair.

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Melbourne’s favourite contrast therapy centre

Hear from those who’ve embarked on their journey of transformation at our contrast therapy studio in Mordialloc, Melbourne.

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Get in touch with our friendly recovery staff

Talk to our recovery experts and learn more about our contrast therapy procedure at Wildsoul Wellness in Mordialloc, Melbourne.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hot and Cold Immersion Therapy is a wellness technique involving alternating between hot and cold environments. This could mean moving from a hot sauna to an ice bath. This contrast therapy is designed to invigorate the body, improve circulation, and promote recovery.

Contrast therapies stimulate the body at a cellular level. The alternating temperatures can boost blood flow and oxygenation to the cells, which is believed to support cellular health and function, potentially leading to improved overall well-being.

Absolutely! Ice baths are particularly effective in aiding muscle recovery. The cold immersion helps reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, which is especially beneficial after intense physical activity or exercise.

These therapies not only benefit the body but also the mind. They can help enhance your focus and drive, promote a positive mindset, and provide stress relief, leading to improved mental clarity and resilience.

Incorporating contrast therapies into your routine is made easy by our flexible session schedules. Our expert coaches can guide you on the best practices and timings for these therapies, ensuring they seamlessly fit into your daily life for maximum benefit.