Find the unity of strength, balance, and tranquillity at our hot Pilates classes.

About Hot Pilates

Experience Hot Pilates  at Wildsoul Wellness

Hot Pilates is a dynamic fusion of traditional Pilates and heated ambiance. By practising in a warmer environment, muscles become more pliable, allowing for deeper stretches and enhanced flexibility. This form of Pilates not only boosts physical endurance but also promotes mental serenity.

Our Hot Pilates sessions at Wildsoul Wellness are crafted as a sanctuary where mind and body harmoniously unite. Suited for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners, our classes offer a harmonious blend of challenge and tranquillity.

Hot pilates Classes

Infrared heat

Helps with: Agility, flexibility, boosting heart health

Each class is a symphony of movement, warmth, and mindfulness.

Our studio proudly utilises cutting-edge infrared heating technology, bringing you a warmth that feels like a gentle hug from the sun.

Infrared heating offers a plethora of benefits, from deep relaxation to rejuvenating the body. It provides the warmth of sunlight without the harmful UV rays, ensuring your comfort and wellbeing in every class.

Hot Barre

Temp: 27-30°

This class is musically driven, low impact and high energy using moves and props that strengthen and tone your body in 45 mins. Classes are suited to all levels provided you have willingness to challenge yourself!

Hot Ground Breaker

Temp: 27-30°

A classic fully body mat Pilates class with a twist. This class lengthens and tones the body with an array of movements that will get your blood pumping and legs jittery. Perfect for establishing that mind body connection to get you moving and feeling incredible. This class is great for all levels of ability and experience.

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Hot Pilates Studio

Hot Pilates Studio, Mordialloc

Nestled in the heart of Mordialloc, Melbourne, our Hot Pilates studio offers a serene escape from the bustle of daily life. Wildsoul Wellness is just a quick drive from nearby Suburbs such as Mentone, Parkdale, Aspendale, Edithvale, and Chelsea Heights.

Step inside and feel the embrace of our calming ambiance, replete with state-of-the-art facilities designed to enhance your practice. Here, every detail, from the muted lighting to the soothing sounds, is curated to provide the perfect environment for Hot Pilates.

Hot Pilates Instructors

Meet Your Guides on Your Path to Wellness

Our dedicated instructors are the heart of Wildsoul Wellness. With their vast experience and compassionate approach, they’ll guide you through each session, ensuring a fulfilling experience.

Benefits of Hot Pilates

Transformation Beyond Physical Strength

Embrace a practice that offers more than just physical strength. Delve into the myriad benefits that infrared heated technology provides. Like a gentle hug from the sun.

Core Power

Amplify core strength and stability, building a foundation for overall health.

Mindful Peace

Achieve mental clarity and reduced stress through mindful movement.

Flexible Grace

Enhance flexibility, reducing the risk of injuries and improving posture.


Encourage the body’s natural detoxification process through sweat.

Attain Balance

Improve balance and coordination, enhancing overall body harmony.

Heart Health

Boost cardiovascular health and stamina with each Hot Pilates session.

Our Approach

Nurturing your path to balanced wellness

Here at Wildsoul Wellness, our approach to wellness goes beyond just physical health. We believe in nurturing every facet of your being.

Holistic Care

Wildsoul Wellness embraces a holistic approach, considering your mind, body, and spirit in unison.

Community Bond

Foster connections and create a support network of likeminded individuals within our wellness community.

Continuous Growth

We encourage ongoing personal development through diverse wellness modalities.


Melbourne’s Favourite Hot Pilates Studio

Hear from those who’ve embarked on their journey of transformation at our hot Pilates studio in Mordialloc, Melbourne.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Opt for comfortable, breathable attire. Light moisture-wicking fabrics are ideal to keep you cool and comfortable.

Our studio temperature is set to 27 to 30 Degress Celcius to provide optimal warmth for Hot Pilates, ensuring comfort and effective practice.

Absolutely! Our classes cater to all levels, ensuring everyone can benefit from the practice.

Alongside Hot Pilates, we offer a range of wellness modalities, from Yoga, Breathwork, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, to many more health services.

For optimal results, we recommend attending 2-3 sessions per week, combined with a balanced lifestyle.

Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen. We’re here to assist and accommodate as needed.