Rachel Fraser

Classes – Tuesday 8:30am, 9:30am, Wednesday 6am, 7am, 8:30am and 9:30am.

Rach is passionate about movement. Having taught dance and group fitness for almost a decade, reformer has quickly become a major part of her life.

Her main focus for each class is to leave you feeling reinvigorated and ready for your day, tailoring your workout to suit your needs and your body.

All movement is good movement and showing up for yourself is always the right choice!


Patsy believes in consistency of practice, aiming to empower, strengthen and condition one’s mind and body through pilates. She intends to bring a connected, positive and energised flow to your day!

You can find Patsy teaching Pilates from the 12th April on Wednesday and Friday evenings.


Renae loves the mind body connection that pilates creates. She originally started pilates to help with dance, and noticed that Pilates helped with the imbalances in her body and made HUGE improvements with the fluidity of her movements in dance.

“The variety in pilates is astonishing, anyone can do it.”

Making people feel comfortable in the studio is something Renae values highly, she aims to help each client feel confident and comfortable while achieving their goals! With different levels available, you can make any exercise achievable for each client whilst still getting a killer workout.

You will find Renae teaching Pilates from the 16th April on Sunday mornings.


Julie works to create a space where you can feel safe to explore and be open, connecting you to the present in both mind and body. Her classes are focused on making yoga relatable to the everyday person, whilst encouraging you, and giving you tips along the way to deepen your practice. With a background in Dance and Pilates, you can expect a continuous and dynamic flow through poses.