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Yoga Parkdale

Journey to serenity with yoga at Wildsoul

Our yoga classes in Parkdale provide a soothing space for individuals seeking balance amidst life’s everyday hustle. We believe in the nurturing power of yoga that goes beyond just physical wellness. Our classes are a journey of self-discovery, crafted to encourage you to explore your body, and discover the peace within you.

From beginners to experienced practitioners, our diverse range of classes ensures a fulfilling experience for everyone. Our skilled instructors are committed to guiding you through your yoga journey, teaching you the intricacies of movement and breath, enabling you to cultivate mindfulness and resilience in a nurturing environment.

Yoga Classes

Diverse range of yoga classes for all

We offer a range of classes to cater to your unique needs, whether you seek invigoration, relaxation, or deep contemplation. Each class promises a fulfilling journey to serenity.

Soul Flow

Surrender to the serene rhythm of our Soul Flow class, blending slower paced Vinyasa sequences with longer-held postures and transitions. Perfect for beginners through to long time yogis.

Yin Yoga

Sink into the quiet calm of Yin Yoga, leveraging therapeutic props and prolonged postures to cultivate deep, restorative relaxation.

Breath Work & Meditation 

In just 30 minutes, our Breath Work & Meditation class guides you back to your body, fostering serenity and mindfulness.

Energise Yoga

Stir your energy with our quick 40 minutes Energise Yoga, an exciting fast-paced Vinyasa flow. Helping to build strength, mobility, balance and become recentered.


Begin your yoga journey or refine your skills with our Fundamentals class, focusing on the essentials of yoga practice. For beginners and those wanting to return to the fundamentals.

Wild Vinyasa

Unleash your inner fire with Wild Vinyasa, a dynamic class offering creative sequences for strength, mobility, balance, breathwork and philosophy. Suited to those with yoga experience.

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Start your yoga journey today at our Parkdale studio and experience the harmonising influence of yoga on body and mind.

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Our Yoga Studio

Your yoga oasis in Parkdale

Nestled near Parkdale, Wildsoul Wellness offers a serene space for your yoga journey. Our yoga studio is a tranquil sanctuary designed to inspire reflection, growth, and inner peace. Crafted with natural elements, the studio fosters a sense of harmony and tranquillity, creating the perfect environment for your practice.

As you enter our studio, you will be enveloped by a sense of calm, preparing you for an immersive yoga experience. Every corner of our studio has been thoughtfully designed to optimise your wellness journey. Whether you seek peace, strength, flexibility or healing, our studio stands as a beacon of serene transformation.

Hot Yoga Parkdale

Ignite the heat with Hot Yoga

Our Hot Yoga classes in Parkdale offer a unique experience designed to invigorate your body, mind, and spirit. Practising yoga in a heated environment intensifies your workout, promoting increased flexibility, improved circulation, and enhanced detoxification.

Each Hot Yoga class guides you through dynamic sequences, aiming to strengthen your body, challenge your limits, and stimulate your mind. Even if you’ve practiced yoga for years, our Hot Yoga classes provide a new perspective on traditional poses and can ignite a renewed passion for your practice.

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Our Yoga Instructors 

Guides on your yoga journey

Our team of experienced instructors are devoted to guiding you on your journey to wellness. Each instructor brings unique expertise and warmth to their classes, ensuring a nurturing and inspiring environment for all.

Why choose Wildsoul? 

Comprehensive yoga classes for transformative experiences

Wildsoul Wellness provides a unique blend of tranquillity, expert guidance, and diverse class options for a comprehensive yoga experience.

Diverse Classes

A variety of classes offered daily, tailored to cater to every individual's unique needs.

Expert Instructors

Our experienced instructors guide you through every pose, giving layers and options throughout the practice and providing individual attention to optimise your practice.

Tranquil Environment

Our serene yoga studio offers the perfect ambience for a fulfilling yoga experience, encouraging growth and reflection.

Our Approach

Wellness  Beyond the mat

We perceive yoga as a holistic practice that transcends the confines of the mat. Our approach integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga to enhance overall wellbeing.

Mind-Body Harmony

Our yoga practices emphasise the unity of mind and body, fostering a state of balance where mental clarity and physical vitality coexist.

Conscious Awareness

Our classes focus on cultivating conscious awareness, encouraging practitioners to be fully present, deeply attuned to their bodies and breath.

Spiritual Growth

Yoga is more than physical postures; it's a spiritual journey. Our practices incorporate elements of meditation and mindfulness, promoting personal growth and self-discovery.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For your first class, bring along a water bottle, a towel, and your yoga mat if you have one. If not, don’t stress, we provide mats at our studio.

Our Fundamentals class, Soul flow or Yin class is an excellent start for newcomers. It focuses on the basics, laying a strong foundation for your practice.

Our membership plans give you access to unlimited classes, priority booking, discounts on Allied health services and exclusive offers on workshops and events.

We advise consulting your doctor before starting or continuing your yoga practice during pregnancy. Once you get a go-ahead, let our instructors know so they can suggest modifications.

Regular practice is key to reaping yoga’s benefits. We recommend starting with 2-3 classes a week, then increasing frequency based on your comfort level and goals.